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Topic Area: Data quality

October 5

9:00am Breakout Room 1

Nationwide Chart review

Redacted chart and appropriate steps to code

9:00am Breakout Room 2

Turning data into visual infographics

Infographics, how, when and why? Canadian’s health stories told with data

9:00am Breakout Room 3

Interoperability, what happens when we don’t speak the same language?

FHIR, HL7, platform level or SNOMED, LOINC practitioner level


How to educate health practitioners to improve their documentation

Clinical documentation improvement


ICD -11, what you need to know

Discussion on the new codes, regulations and timing


Work your way through the HIM lifecycle

Your role and integrating IG through the lifecycle

4:00pm Mainstage

Greg’s Wings + Q&A

Video & Q&A

October 6


Quality improvement initiative

Learn LEAN: Gain a skill to bring back to your organization


Gender Harmony Project

An Interview with a doctor TBD, Provincial quality councils moderation by Dr. Lau from University of Victoria – Terminology Standards Income and social status. Accurately representing a persons’ gender vs. sex in healthcare